Upcoming live stream: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision

Slava Kurilyak
Slava Kurilyak

Upcoming live stream

Scheduled for 11/09/20, 2:00 PM (PT)

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Event description

I answer community and audience questions about machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, and natural language processing technologies.

I am the Founder/CEO at Produvia. At Produvia, my mission is to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence technologies.

0:00 Introduction & Questions

3:06 Does programming require intelligence?

3:49 Is data science a dying field, and will AI/ML eventually replace it?

5:25 Will AI automate data science and machine learning jobs?

11:02 Are resnets useful in domains other than computer vision and speech, such as ranking and NLP?

13:32 Are databases like MongoDB used for simulating learning machines?

21:04 What are some techniques to reduce the training and prediction time of neural networks, keeping its accuracy and recall?

23:47 What are the advantages of Natural Language Processing?

28:53 How will a future job in AI/ML be, and what are the requirements to get it?

34:05 What are some applications of deep learning?

39:25 Does the order of training data matter when training neural networks?

45:15 How different is a TPU from GPU?

53:46 Conclusion

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