Slava Kurilyak (born February 9, 1986) is a business magnate, serial entrepreneur, engineer and maker. He is the founder, CEO of Produvia; founder at AIstack; ex-CTO at Fitplan; founder at Whoosh; publisher of Butterfly Effect.

Kurilyak was born to a Russian mother and Ukrainian farther and raised in Kharkov, Ukraine. He moved to Vancouver, Canada with his family in 1997. Kurilyak graduated with a P.Eng. in civil engineering in 2012. After working as an engineer a year, he started Produvia with the intention to "make money in technology sometime in the future".

One year later, Kurilyak attended the Vancouver Startup Weekend, a 72-hour hackathon, and took first place for Domastay, a platform to connect international students with home stay hosts. Kurilyak shifted his career from civil engineering to software development when he saw the potential to iterate on ideas and launch products quickly.

He joined the Fitplan team and developed the platform as the CTO. After seeing the exponential growth of data, Kurilyak left Fitplan to focus on Produvia. Kurilyak realized that artificial intelligence will revolutionize many industries and decided to consult clients at Produvia.

In 2020, Slava realized the power of creating engaging and entertaining content and decided to live stream. He now live streams on: YouTube (2B+ monthly visitors), Facebook (2B+ monthly active users), Periscope (9M+ monthly live streams), Twitch (140M+ monthly users), VK (65M+ monthly active mobile users), OK (30M+ monthly active mobile users).

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