Avoid Copyright Infringement

Slava Kurilyak
Slava Kurilyak

Modern companies use computer vision and deep learning to generate novel images.

It's time to fight copyright infringement using modern technologies!

Let's consider photography. Creatives struggle to go after companies who use their photos without permission and for commercial purposes. Companies struggle to find photos that have creative commons (CC) licenses.

How can technology solve copyright infringement?

Modern companies can use image generation, powered by computer vision and deep learning technologies, to create new images from scratch, bypassing copyright issues completely.

What is image generation?

Image generation (synthesis) is the task of generating new images from an existing dataset.

There are two types of image generation:

  1. Unconditional generation - generating samples unconditionally from the dataset
  2. Conditional image generation - generating samples conditionally from the dataset, based on a label

How do companies avoid copyright infringement using image generation?

Modern companies use deep learning models to generate new images with new copyright. Solving image generation tasks, companies create new image that do not look the same as original images used to train the deep learning models. In other words, modern companies bypass copyright issues as long as new images are "novel enough".

Remember, copyright is subjective. To evaluate copyright, you need to ask "the masses":

Is this photo the same as another photo?
Is photo A the same as photo B?

Modern companies use computer vision and deep learning to generate novel images.

Are you interested in image generation to avoid copyright issues? Contact me!

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