Upcoming live stream: Food and Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Slava Kurilyak
Slava Kurilyak

Upcoming live stream

Scheduled for 11/12/20, 1:00 PM (PT)

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Event description

I answer community and audience questions about artificial intelligence technologies in the food industry.

Are we slowly killing away what is nature as we focus on artificial foods, artificial hormones, and now artificial intelligence?

Can artificial intelligence be used to improve flavors in foods?

Can artificial intelligence reduce food waste?

How are food companies applying artificial intelligence (AI) to their search for new flavors?

What are the application of artificial intelligence in food industry?

What are the top 5 ways artificial intelligence is revolutionizing food technology?

How will artificial intelligence impact the food industry?

How will artificial intelligence take over fast food restaurants?

How is artificial intelligence used for flavor and food product development?

How is artificial intelligence used in supermarkets and grocery stores to reduce food waste?

Can artificial Intelligence help farmers grow more food with less resources?

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At Produvia, we serve companies with $1+ million dollars in revenue to accelerate the development of artificial intelligence technologies.

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